Our Story

Our company was first established in 2011 as Trish May, a hair extension business with aspirations of producing haircare and skincare products. Back then we were located on Iles des Soeurs in Verdun, a south eastern borough of Montréal, QC. URIBHO now carries Skincare, Cosmetics, Bodycare and Haircare products. We thrive to bring you botanic and organic products that we hope you will love as much as we do!

Forever Young
Skin biology

Collagen plays a huge role in the renewal of skin cells by providing the optimal medium in which your stem cells divide and grow. Hyaluronic provides the intense moisture your skin needs to prevent dryness and premature aging.

Minimalistic Beauty
The Art of Beauty

The art of beauty is in the makeup we use. It's in how well we are able to to capture light with the colors we choose for our face, eyes and lips.

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