About Us

URIBHO is a Skincare, Cosmetics, Bodycare and Haircare company. We formulate, manufacture, sell and procure skincare products. Our products are manufactured in Canada and the USA. URIBHO was founded by Trish Muvirimi in 2019.

What Does URIBHO Mean?

Uribho is a Shona word and Shona is a Bantu language spoken mostly in Zimbabwe. The word itself translates into two phrases; one is a statement meaning 'you are good/great/awesome' and the other is a question asking 'are you good/okay?'. Uribho can refer to a look or your personality. It really depends on how you express it!

The Botanic Approach


Sustainability is about taking responsibility for how your company impacts the world, it is leading with your heart. To us that means being environmentally conscious; making strides to slow down the effects of climate change, making sure the products we bring to the world are clean, green, safe and loved by our customers. It also means being responsible in our sourcing for raw materials; making sure that the communities we draw from are left better off than we found them. And, by recognizing globally set guidelines for safe work environments, age appropriate employment and fair wage trading.


We are committed to foster an internal culture that represents global diversity encapsulated with love and respect. We are here to listen, learn; and stand for racial, gender, and salary equity by embracing minority representation in executive positions of influence/change within our company.


We hope to make the world a better place and are commited to giving 10% of our profits to support Cancer Research, Childhood Trauma Awareness & Education, and Reforestation & Wildlife Conservation.